The wrist also needs to be mixed and worn

The wrist also needs to be mixed and worn, and the fashionista model watches the bracelets to be worn. Nowadays, both the influx and ICON are based on mashups. In fact, wearing a watch is also a matter of collocation. Look at the bracelets on the wrists of fashionistas, so that wearing a watch is enough! Different styles of watches are superimposed with a variety of bracelets or other jewellery, highlighting the stylization and visual level, creating avant-garde cutting-edge fashion through different materials and different shades. Learning to do the tide on the wrist is the more popular fashion. Queen Fan: Large size gold watch + exaggerated gold bracelet. The sturdy and strong in the bones, the short hair is very delicate, stepping on the ten-centimeter high-heeled shoes, and matching the watch with the size of the men’s watch and the exaggerated gold bracelet, the full Queen’s atmosphere. Dajin Watch has always been the first choice of Queen Fan, this Rolex new Reserve, shockproof, antimagnetic, convenient and reliable aspects are even better. The Tiffany T series reinterprets the strong graphic lines of the letter T with a minimalist deconstruction design. Different materials and design combinations show your style and unique personality. Cartier’s Juste un Clou embodies a modern, maverick New York design with a modern line.

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