Cartier love rings began to use hemp fiber

After the Second World War, after a brief reconstruction of the world economy into the recovery phase, people just out of the nightmare began to increase consumption, to make up for the psychological trauma and fluttering left over during the war, a large influx of travel from around the world to Rome, the Cartier love bracelet beautiful, sophisticated handbags, wallets and belts, Buy home as a gift. The quality, unique style of jewelry, watches and clocks, leather goods, stationery, smoking, glasses and even notes, envelopes and so on by the “Italian Style” and the best-selling market. Gucci in this global fashion, decisively seize the opportunity to rapidly expand the product line, and strive to promote products and features, and soon become the industry leader. 20th century 3 generations, Italy!
BB Under the fascist rule, the production of raw materials is very scarce, the discerning Gucci European Cartier love rings began to use hemp fiber, stuffed jute and bamboo and other special materials to make products. 1947, the Cartier Love bracelet launched the section _ Bamboo handle handbag, skillfully launched on the access to include the Greek queen, Princess Grace She Kei Fu, the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor and other people stare. The famous Italian director Antonioni the Bamboo handbag with the Cartier love bracelet for many times in the film he filmed. So far, bamboo handle handbag is still the most representative style of Cartier love bracelet _. Cartier Love Bracelet Bamboo bag are drawn from the natural, all the bamboo from China or Vietnam import, large bamboo handle is not easy to do, need to roast bamboo on the fire, with manual bending, only the intensity is appropriate, stuffed to perfect. Ingrid Bergman held a Cartier love bracelet and a Cartier love bracelet bamboo umbrella in Open City Rossellini’s “travel to Italy”. “

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