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I love you for a lifetime, I never thought about giving up halfway. I really wanted to grow up when I was young, and I imagined that the world of adults is very beautiful; Now it is already an adult, but I really miss the heart of childhood. Nowadays, when you talk about love, there is a saying that ‘you can’t stay in love since ancient times, and you have never gotten the way.’ Sadly, if even love is full of routines cartier jewelry outlet, what hope is there in life? Every day, I say, ‘Good morning, good night, no food, no hard work,’ Then gradually became a routine, and became a cold and cold word on WeChat. Mobile phones have gradually replaced the status of lovers. Relatively two silent, silently playing mobile phones, has become the daily life of many lovers. Can the routine last a lifetime? Obviously it is not possible. It’s only true that we have spent a long time with us. Before shooting the Valentine’s Day DR family video, there was a picture that made DR Jun particularly impressed. Every time I saw this, my nose would be sour and my eyes would be in tears. There was an aunt who, after the death of his wife, still remembered his wife and said to the camera affectionately: ‘I will identify you as a person. If there is a next life, I will marry you.’ In the shooting scene, even a few men left a tearful touch. Ask the world what the situation is, teach the life and death. This kind of love is simple, no routine.

beginning Knockoff Replica Cartier Jewelry,

I once asked the older generation how they looked at each other and then spent so many years together. My face smugly said: ‘My aunt was chasing me.’ The aunt sitting on the side, immediately replied: ‘Nonsense, obviously you are chasing me.’ He laughed and said: ‘When you go to your village to sell sugar cane, isn’t you looking at me first, then let your aunt talk to me?’ My aunt said, ‘Oh, obviously, I used to look at me on the market, and then hardly entangled my aunt to match us.’ Watching the two talk like a old urchin, laughing and feeling, the time is good to treat them. After so many years, the greens have faded, and wrinkles have climbed into the face, but true love is like the beginning Knockoff Replica Cartier Jewelry, and the other person is still the young man who is happy. As the saying goes, ‘The young couple is always with you.’ This is the beautiful look of love. People always think about paying very little and gaining a lot. More and more care about their own gains and losses. I can care about reading exams, earning money at work, investing in wealth management, etc. Only in love, can never be calculated like this. If there is a pure land in the world after the **, DR Jun hopes to leave it to love. When you are tempted, you fall in love, bravely confess, and sincerely pursue, If the other person accepts himself, then be together. Plain and timid, live peacefully for a lifetime, When I waited with my wife to look at the sunset and look back, I can say without regret: ‘I have loved this life, it is worth it.’ Here, DR Jun wants to insert an advertisement: DR’s first book will be available this month. ‘Love you, I dare say a lifetime’ Converging the emotional stories of thousands of DR families, Aestheticism, romance, warm heart, cure, Only love one person in your life, let you witness every true love replica cartier love rings. May you still have love and trust in your years.

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