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Beauty is a woman’s nature. No one can say that a woman who loves beauty is superficial. But if the beauty you are pursuing is limited to the beauty of appearance and clothing, then you really don’t understand the meaning of beauty. A wise woman will coordinate the beauty of clothing and accessories, and will use jewelry and clothing to adjust the beauty of her body shape. Among all the jewelry accessories that girls can use every day, the necklace is definitely the most influential to our body and temperament (no one). Wearing a necklace is not just about decorating and lifting clothes, it is also about trimming our entire neck, shoulders and face. The necklace’s modification of our upper body can be adjusted from the aspects of color, length and size of the pendant. The most important thing is the length of the necklace. It is no exaggeration to say that a necklace that suits you will match the perfect collar. The entire upper body has the same effect as a facelift. The length of the necklace ranges from 30cm to 115cm. The role of necklaces of different lengths is quite different from that of the right people. How to choose the length of the necklace? The length of the necklace can be lengthened or shortened, the neck can be slim or thick, the neck can be cut or widened. You can say that the length of the necklace is not powerful! [30cm: choker] 30cm is the shortest style in the necklace, and it is also a popular street style choker in recent years. Although choker has been favored by many fashion trends in recent times, this extremely long necklace is actually very picky, and almost only you have a very slim upper body to hold. Suitable for the crowd: the neck is slender and slender and the clavicle is prominent. Choker can make a girl or ruin a girl in minutes. As a collar style that is locked in the neck, the choker will naturally position the person’s line of sight directly at the neck. If your neck is thick and short, then It’s like making a knot in the middle of your neck, making your neck look thicker and even your face will be widened. The girl who really fits the choker has a swan neck and a sexy collarbone, and then a V-neck dress is perfect. [35cm-40cm: clavicle chain] 35-40cm refers to the most common clavicle chain. This length of necklace is not too high for the upper body. All girls can wear it. The clavicle chain is mostly decorative, highlighting youth and art. sense. When choosing a clavicle chain, we only need to pay attention to it. It should be based on simple design cartier jewelry outlet. A simple small pendant is good. Never put an overly complicated design on our clavicle position. It will be too exaggerated. Suitable for the crowd: prominent clavicle. The clavicle chain is eccentric to a girl, that is, the girl with the clavicle. The delicate and small clavicle chain is actually used to emphasize our clavicle line. If you have a collarbone, it is very necessary to take this opportunity to show it. Of course, the choker is not only a well-designed style. Nowadays, the design of the jewelry tied to the neck is beyond our imagination. The long scarf is the latest kind of decorative necklace, which can replace the choker design and fashion. Feeling, and can change the shape according to our needs. Of course, in addition to the clavicle chain of the most common pendant styles, the letter clavicle chain has also begun to ignite in recent years. The clavicle chain of the non-single pendant design is more harmonious with our neck line, compared with the pendant. More suitable for a slim girl to wear, you can adjust the visual proportion of the too thin upper body. [40cm-48cm: Princess necklace] The necklace of 40-50cm length is called ‘princess necklace’. Many of the princesses on the screen we have seen have such a necklace of equivalent length. The princess necklace usually has a very chic pendant, because after all, the princess’s neck is accompanied by jewels such as the heirloom of the court nobles. Therefore, when paired with a princess necklace, it is recommended that you choose a more exaggerated open-collar design, which can highlight the design sense and noble feeling of the necklace as much as possible. Suitable for the crowd: round face and short neck. Starting from the princess chain, the necklace has the effect of helping us to perfect the shape. The princess necklace with a length and above the chest and a distinctive pendant design forms a V-shape under our neck, which visually weakens the neck area. At the same time, it can also have the effect of face-lifting. The princess necklace is more suitable for creating elegant European style. [50cm-60cm: Martini Necklace] The long necklace that can be used every day is the Martini necklace. The Martini necklace was originally called the ‘opera necklace’,

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which was the most exaggerated type of necklace worn on the stage. Nowadays, the Martini necklace is constantly changing, and it is more and more in line with the modern people’s dressing characteristics. The length of the Martini necklace will reach our chest and is often worn with a dark sweater or dress. Suitable for the crowd: short neck, round face. The Martini necklace grows nearly 10 centimeters longer than the princess necklace, which means that the Martini necklace is more effective in lengthening the neck line Knockoff Replica Cartier Jewelry. Of course, because of this, the long martini necklace actually It is not suitable for women who are slender in the neck, and will make your entire upper body lose coordination. 【to sum up】 Girl with long neck #Select a large necklace with a short chain length to visually shorten the length of the neck and make the overall upper body more harmonious. Neck short girl #decoratively compact and long chain necklace, the V-shaped natural drooping effect, used for face-lifting and elongated neck line. The trendy wearing of the necklace? If the girls are still in the rules of the necklace, then you are really out, the most popular two necklaces in 17 years, the new wearing method, come to make up the class! [Necklace stack] Necklace stacks look a lot like dressing up a jewellery rack, but this collocation is definitely not casual, and the length and style of each necklace needs to be matched by rules. Generally, we will choose 30, 45, 55cm necklaces to make a stack, to ensure that the difference between the necklaces is about 10cm each day, which can create a layered feeling. Stacked necklaces are generally divided into ‘double-set stacking’ and ‘three-set stacking’ replica cartier love rings. We can also respond to different face types according to the combination of stacking, for example, a girl with a long face can choose a stack of short and thick styles. Starting from the choker, the length should not exceed the length of the princess necklace. The length of the double and three layers can be used in the middle. A short necklace will also shorten our facial lines. Then for a girl with a short face or a round face, the necklace worn by the girl will also have the effect of “skinny face”. We start with the length of the clavicle chain or the princess necklace, remember not to use choker, choker Will make the face of the round face look fatter. The length of the longest necklace we can choose the Martini necklace directly or even longer, but don’t stack too much when you pay attention to it. The three layers are the best. [Necklace anti-wear] It’s not a rare thing to go out with three necklaces. The more individual sisters have learned to wear a necklace, but it’s all thanks to the popular back V-neck design this summer. The beautiful back is left naked, not worthy of a point. What would you feel a little boring? So the fashion goblins began to learn to wear a necklace. Anti-wearing necklaces are actually no different from our normal belt necklaces. Just pay attention to two points in the choice of style. The first is that the design must be simple. The necklace with gems or diamonds is really not suitable for being behind. Another point is the choice of length, not too short, will not play the role of modifying the back, too long and too bad, not easy, will not be easy to shape, the length of 45-55cm is the best.

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